Thursday, April 2, 2009

blog book

i now have 2 years worth of blog books/family history! i think that printing your blog is such a treasure! i found this place called BLURB and you can "slurp" your blog into this program and create a book! it "slurps" the words and the pictures. it's awesome! i finished my 2008 book in about 4 hours {and it was 162 pages}! my kids love to look through them often, and it has cut back on some of my scrapbooking. this is such a great way to keep up to date on things happening with my family. i'm so glad that BLURB created this! so check it out!


Carma Lee said...

I'm going to check it out - thanks! I look forward to seeing your books when I visit.

Kristi said...

Very cute! I'm excited that blurb has the new software so it comes out to be less of an editing mess. I need to get Auburn's done from 2007! Sheesh!

Kim said...


Very cute idea. Did you print the book yourself or did you order it?


Turley Family said...

I am so EXCITED! Thanks!

The Skinners said...

i am for sure going to do this - thanks for the idea!!

you have to know that if you and matt lived anywhere close to AZ then you would have been invited to mexico!! maybe next time.

and though maternity swimsuits aren't very fun, i prefer that to my post-baby bod! plus your pregnancy pictures are too cute.

Steph & James said...

I downloaded the software a year ago, and STILL haven't done it yet! I need to get crackin!

robyn said...

woo hoo, thanks that is just what i was looking for. (and the reason i started a blog)

melinda marie said...

I too am wanting to put my blog into a book. But when I went to BLURB it messed up all of my formatting ~ made my pictures smaller and then put all of the text together. Were you able to keep the same format that you have in your blog? (photo then words, photo then words etc...)?

I love your blog!

Thanks for your help!