Friday, September 26, 2008

bigger pictures

i've had a couple people ask me how to make the pictures on their blog bigger like i here are the directions: just click here.
good luck, and have fun!


Randee said...

Great info thanks! Hey how did you customize your header?? It looks like you made a scrapbook page in Photoshop?? How did you post it as your header?? If you have any directions on that I would really appreciate it!! I LOVE your header! thanks!

Marcus and Jamie Yetter said...

Ok... Those pics are to die for! And the directions to change the blog...Too confusing for me! I will make you help me, because I know I will screw it up. Give me a call when you are feeling better, I cant wait to hang out! I am going stir crazy! And I have some ideas for Cyndal's pics I cant wait to tell you about. Talk to you soon. =)

Tracy said...

Brilliant! I'll have to play with that when I get a chance.

: )