Monday, April 30, 2007

miss kate

today i finished a project for miss kate, jack's preschool teacher and soon-to-be-mommy for the third time. she is being induced the day after preschool! (it reminds me of when wendy and i taught preschool up until we were 9 months pregnant and wendy had her baby a few days after preschool). tomorrow is jack's last day at preschool. he will really miss his teacher, and so will i. she has become a good friend to me as well. our boys played football together, and our kids did swimming lessons together too. we are just beginning the many "lasts" of things here in az. kate is now one of the many reasons i am sad to leave. she has become a great friend and we have lots in common. i just love her and her positive outlook on life. hopefully we keep in touch and pick up where we left off when we return to good ole' az. by the way...these are birp cloths, bibs, and a diaper and wipee holder. i had fun making them...especially because they are for a dear friend.


JnR said...

The picture looks so cute! I know it's too late for better pictures, but I sure wish you could tell me how to make them or if you have pictures of other ones you've made, I've been trying to make burp cloths etc... for quite awhile now.

Also awesome choice for the fabric too.

Heidi said...

Those are so adorable. Kate will love them. I love the vintage feel. You are so talented Lara!!

Tracy said...

cute! do you have a pattern for those? I am a new auntie and they would be fun to make.

danahollis said...

How sweet. :) Love the fabrics.